Sugar Veins

by Ryan Harley

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'Sugar Veins' was written and recorded by Ryan Harley in his bedroom between 21/11/14 and 24/11/14. The title was stolen. The lyrics are sad. The music is nice. I quite like it.


released November 26, 2014




Ryan Harley Glasgow, UK

sometimes sad, sometimes weird, always music

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Track Name: Sugar Veins
time stopped for this one moment

a moment in between

when nothing really mattered 

i thought of coming clean

a lady stood there waiting

for her saviour from above

when all she knew was waiting

how could she know of love

and all who were around her
despise the very name 

but when he came to meet her

she played his little game

and when it was all over

it all began again
when i was just a soldier 

and she was just a friend

i took it upon myself
the work of someone else
i raised it up, i brought it down
a wasted life in a broken town

and when i sat there with her

we sat there in the rain 

my heart was beating quickly

there’s sugar in my veins

although she really needs himself
i cannot make her stay
although i really need to
she’s getting in my way

i left it all behind
the pieces of my mind

she took her toll on me
and what it means to be

sugar veins