Shadows On The Moon

by Ryan Harley

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Written between November 2014 and April 2016, recorded between December 2014 and April 2016, with 4/6 tracks being recorded on a the 6th of April when there wasn't much else to do.

All tracks played, sang, 'produced', and written by Ryan Harley.

Track 3 written with help from Faith Smith.

If anyone wants to produce these tracks properly for little money, or out of the kindness of your lovely heart, then please get in touch x x x


released April 8, 2016




Ryan Harley Glasgow, UK

sometimes sad, sometimes weird, always music

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Track Name: Eat Your Greens
eat your greens, clean your plate

go to bed, stay up late

you’ll pay the price in the morning

take my hand, if you want
i’ll understand if you don’t
i’ll wake up early to catch the train

watch me go, watch me leave
days are gone, thick as thieves
you play it cool, but you’re still crying

and so it all begins again
you took your toll, you were my best friend
the final tie begins to break
Track Name: Growing Pains
i don’t want to talk about it

i spend my time just pulling strings

i don’t want to hear about it
i get myself hung up on things

i just want to pull you closer
because time is all we have

i’ll promise not stop until it’s over
if i can

i don’t want to talk about it
every single virtue is a sin

i don’t want to hear about it

about the daze he puts you in

so go and take a look around you

you pick and choose when you appear

some days i can see right through you

nothing to lose when you’re not here

sick and tired of living out this moment

i live it every single day

just waiting on the girl that says she’s chosen

her own way
Track Name: Broken Toes (A Man Among Trees)
passing time,
is that all i am to you?

out of line,
is that all i am?
broken toes,
but i won’t stop walking

won’t let go, ’til somebody falls

i feel whole,
but i’m just a number
best in show,
but not in my head
i can’t hear,
stop all this talking
a man among trees,
what i wanna be when i’m dead

who will keep my promises
when i’m lying in the ground

who retains my secrets
when i’m not around
you can keep your promises,
sink them in the blue
but after all this,
we’re just shadows on the moon
Track Name: Outro (Silence)
silence, has taken over you
i can feel it, as it takes me too

waiting, moving to and fro
we feel it coming, time keeps on moving
and we grow

easy, take it nice and slow
make as much noise as you can while you’re here and then